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Zhuchengtyrannus (meaning “Zhucheng Tyrant”) is a genus of carnivorous tyrannosauroid from the Late Cretaceous Period of  Shandong Province in China. Zhuchengtyrannus was one of the most recently described dinosaurs. In 2011, Zhuchengtyrannus was described by David W. E. Hone, Kebai Wang, Corwin Sullivan, Xijin Zhao, Shuqing Chen, Dunjin Li, Shuan Ji, Qiang Ji and Xing Xu and it’s type species is Z. magnus. Zhuchengtyrannus was 10-12 metres (33-39 feet) long, slightly longer than Tarbosaurus, but slightly smaller than Tyrannosaurus. It was probably 6 short tons (5.4 tons) in weight. About ten years (2001) before Zhuchengtyrannus was described, it was described as a species of Tyrannosaurus (Tyrannosaurus zhuchengensis).

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