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Yangchuanosaurus (meaning “Yangchuan Lizard”) is a genus of large, allosaurid dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of China. It may have been the only dinosaur of it’s time that could have killed Mamenchisaurus. It was an apex predator, ruling the Jurassic Chinese landscape at around the same time Allosaurus was causing riot in North America. It was about 8 metres (26 feet) long, it’s skull alone being about 1 metre (3.6 feet) long. Two species, Y. shangyouensis and Y. zigongensis, have been described, the type species (Y. shangyouensis) being described by Dong Zhiming, et al. A now proven synonym is Szechuanosaurus, thought to be a juvenile Yangchuanosaurus. There were three species of Szechuanosaurus, but they were reassigned in 2012 by Matthew Carrano, et al to Yangchuanosaurus, and called Yangchuanosaurus zigongensis, for the most recently named species of Szechuanosaurus, S. zigongensis. All Szechuanosaurus species have been reassigned to Y. zigongensis.


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