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Siamotyrannus (meaning “Siamese Tyrant”) is a genus of metriacanthosauridae from the Early Cretaceous of Thailand. Siamese is the denonym for objects or people-or metriacanthosaurs- from Siam, the old kingdom in present-day Thailand. It was found in 1993 at the Phu Wiang 9 site by Somchai Traimwichanon.  Three years later, in 1996,  Eric Buffetaut and colleagues described Siamotyrannus. They named the type species Siamotyrannus isanensis, isan in the species name means  “northeastern part” in Thai. Eric et al originally thought that Siamotyrannus was a tyrannosaurid, hence its name. They were probably confused, as the only fossils were of a hip and some vertebrae and tail bones. In 2012, Matthew Carrano, et al determined that Siamotyrannus was indeed a metriacanthosaurid, and this in the most widely accepted response. Other studies thought that it was a primitive carnosaur, which was not to far off. In the original description, Eric Buffetaut estimated the length at 23 feet (7 metres). Later, in 2010, Gregory S. Paul estimated the length at 20 feet (6 metres) and half a ton in weight.

Siamotyrannus as a tyrannosaurid

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