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Metriacanthosaurus (meaning “Moderately-Spined Lizard”) is a genus of metriacanthosaurid from the Middle Jurassic of the Oxford clays of England. In 1923, Friedrich von Huene named this dinosaur Megalosaurus parkeri, in honor of W. Parker, who collected the fossils. ┬áIn 1932, von Huene renamed the specimens Altispinax parkeri. In 1964, Alick Walker decided that the fossils were very different than Altispinax. He named a new genus, finally called Metriacanthosaurus after 32 years. It is called “moderately-spined” because the vertabrae is taller than most carnosaurs, such as Allosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus, but shorter than others, such as most spinosauridae and Acrocanthosaurus. It is a mid-sized predator, at 26 feet (8 metres). In 1988, Gregory S. Paul estimated the weight at 1.12 tons (1 tonne).

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