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Cryolophosaurus (meaning “Frozen Crested Lizard”) is a genus of neotheropod dinosaur from the Early Jurassic of Antarctica. It was the first theropod dinosaur found in Antarctica, being found in 1991 by Dr. William Hammer and David Elliot. It was also the first dinosaur described from Antarctica. He and many others on his team informally called it “Elvisaurus”, for the crest that was on the Cryolophosaurus head, which reminded them of Elvis Presley’s famous hair style. It was discovered in the Hanson Formation. Dr. William Hammer and William J. Hickerson described Cryolophosaurus and the type species C. ellioti in 1994. The specific name honors David Elliot, who found the fossils with Dr. Hammer. It was long considered to be closely related to Dilophosaurus, but, in 2012, Matthew Carrano determined that Cryolophosaurus was a tetanuran dinosaur and was not related to Dilophosaurus, but related to Sinosaurus, another tetanuran. The length was estimated at 19.7-23 feet (6-7 metres) long. A study in 2007 by Nathan Smith decided that Cryolophosaurus was exactly 21.3 feet (6.5 metres) long. This makes Cryolophosaurus the largest Early Jurassic theropod.

by Melissa Frankford, 2006

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