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Ouranosaurus (meaning “Brave Lizard”) is a genus of iguanodontid dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous of northern Africa, especially in the Echkar Formation in Niger. Two very complete specimens were unearthed in the Echkar Formation. The first complete fossil found in 1965 and the second in 1972. The type species, O. nigerensis, was described by Phillippe […]

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Altirhinus (meaning “High Nose”) is a genus of iguanodontid from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia. The type species, A. kurzanovi, was described by David B. Norman in 1998. The specific name is called kurzanovi for Sergei Kurzanov, the Russian scientist that originally found the specimen in 1981. In the original description, Norman stated that Altirhinus […]

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Metriacanthosaurus (meaning “Moderately-Spined Lizard”) is a genus of metriacanthosaurid from the Middle Jurassic of the Oxford clays of England. In 1923, Friedrich von Huene named this dinosaur Megalosaurus parkeri, in honor of W. Parker, who collected the fossils.  In 1932, von Huene renamed the specimens Altispinax parkeri. In 1964, Alick Walker decided that the fossils […]

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Siamotyrannus (meaning “Siamese Tyrant”) is a genus of metriacanthosauridae from the Early Cretaceous of Thailand. Siamese is the denonym for objects or people-or metriacanthosaurs- from Siam, the old kingdom in present-day Thailand. It was found in 1993 at the Phu Wiang 9 site by Somchai Traimwichanon.  Three years later, in 1996,  Eric Buffetaut and colleagues […]

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