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Lurdusaurus (meaning “Heavy Lizard”) is a genus of iguanodont ornithopod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous of the Tenere Desert in Niger. It lived with dinosaurs such as Suchomimus, Ouranosaurus, Eocarcharia, and Kryptops. Thomas R. Holtz, jr has said that Lurdusaurus was aquatic or semi-aquatic, because of it’s hippopotamus-like build. The remains were discovered in 1965 […]

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Epidexipteryx (meaning “Display Feathers”) is a genus of small insectivore dinosaur which lived in China during the late Jurassic period. At 45 centimetres, it was a relativaly small dinosaur. It is known for it’s for the four long feathers on it’s tail, hence it’s name.        Not to be confused with Epidendrosauurus (synonym […]

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