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Xenoceratops (meaning “Alien Horned-Face”*) is a genus of centrosaurine ceratopsian of the tribe pachyrhinosaurini from the Late Cretaceous of Canada. Michael J. Ryan, David C. Evans, and Kieran M. Shepherd described the type species X. foremostensis in 2012. The species name, foremostensis means “from Foremost Formation”, the formation in Alberta, Canada where Xenoceratops was discovered. […]

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Pachyrhinosaurus (meaning “Thick-Nosed Lizard”) is a genus of centrosaurine dinosaur to the tribe pachyrhinosaurini and clade pachyrostra from the Late Cretaceous of Canada and the US. The type species was described in 1950 as Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis, described by Charles Sternberg. In 2008, a second species, P. lakustai, was described by Currie, Langston, and Tanke. The […]

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Sinoceratops (meaning “Chinese Horned-Face”) is a genus of ceratopsian to the tribe of pachyrhinosaurini from the Late Cretaceous of China. It was described by Xu Xing, et al in 2010. It is the only chasmosaurine not from North America. It is also one of the largest, at 23 feet (7 metres) long. The city of […]

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