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Amurosaurus (meaning “Amur Lizard”) is a genus of lambeosaurine dinosaur found in Eastern Asia, supposedly from the Late Cretaceous. Two Russian paleontologists, Sergei Kurzanov and Yuri Bolotsky described this dinosaur in 1991. No complete fossil skull has been found (only a piece of the lower jaw and a few teeth), and Amurosaurus most likely had a crest, but this has not been proven yet. Adult fossils are pretty rare, but it is likely that Amurosaurus could grow up to 6 metres (20 feet) long. Amurosaurus is named for the Amur River, otherwise known as the Heilong Jiang River, which forms the border that separates Russia and China. The binomial name of Amurosaurus is Amurosaurus riabinini.

Amurosaurus herd feeding


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