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Suchomimus(meaning “Crocodile Mimic”) is a genus of ┬álarge spinosauridae from the Early- Middle Cretaceous of Niger. It hunted fish, but could have taken on Nigersaurus, a small sauropod. It was large-larger than Tyrannosaurus. Ten feet tall and thirty-six feet long*, it was the third largest carnivore in the area, only smaller than Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus but slightly larger than Eocarcharia. The skull alone is about four feet long. It has hooked claws for catching prey. The top teeth are larger than the lower teeth. It had one crest on its head, not two as most spinosaurs are portrayed, thanks to Jurassic Park 3. ┬áSuchomimus had a 3 foot tall sail on its back, connected to its spine.

* Note- The size is based on the subadult, the full size may have been several feet longer


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